Wednesday, November 07, 2012



The area where I live is a "hipster hood," with my 400-sq-ft studio about to jump up from $600 to $725 once my lease is up. (It was $525 when I first moved in, the summer of 2010.) My lease is up at the end of January, but I have to give them a 2-month notice if I choose to leave--by the end of November. Very soon. And no movement at work on if/when they're going to make my position permanent. If they do decide to hire me, I'll be making about $3000 a month, meaning I can spend $900-$1000 (the old "one-third of income" rule about rent) on a place... Trouble is, prices in this hood, which I like despite the hipsters, are now ridiculous.

The 850-sq-ft house that I rented for 7 years (2000-2007) a few blocks away was $825 a month. It just PAINS me to know that I'd have to pay at least that for a mere one-bedroom apartment in my hood now.

One glimmer of hope, though, came from randomly browsing around Craigslist today. In a neighborhood not hip and a little run down, but also not that far from where I live now, and also close to shops and bus-lines, I saw the house pictured here for only $895 a month! 3 bedrooms! Wooden floors! 972 square feet! A fenced back yard! The timing's all wrong, since I'll be paying rent at my current place through the end of January, still gave me great hope that finding something else similar would be possible come January.

(In the meantime, I can still fantasize about THIS house: 3 bedrooms?? Can you imagine?! Sleep in one, of course; the other for a study; no idea what the last one would be for since I never have any "guests"... And that back yard is perfect for a kitty! And for me to sit in privately...Oh my god, I really CAN'T imagine having some breathing space again! I feel so suffocated in my tiny space now... This particular place or not, all rides on knowing--quickly, by the end of November!--if I get the at-least $36K salary that will enable me to move on to new, better living quarters. Otherwise, I'm stuck.)

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