Sunday, November 04, 2012

Election Day Trivia

I'd meant to early-vote this past week but, since I couldn't WALK, had to give up on that. I'm worried about this coming Tuesday, though, the actual date of real voting: Early voting (which ended Friday) was at my nearby grocery store, which a bus took me directly to. The real-day voting site, though, is not directly on a bus path for me and involves walking a half-mile or more... Which WAS fine when I could walk normally! But not so fine this coming Tuesday, when I know I'm not going to be healed yet...

I thought about calling my mom and asking her to drive me to the polling place on Tuesday. Nah. Never contact her or ask for anything unless absolutely necessary.

Sad, that! (I could have also used some help with grocery shopping and laundry in the past week while laid up. But hey---If you don't trust a person in your life while healthy, it's kind of hypocritical to expect them to help you when you're crippled, huh?)


p.s. I've been interested in presidential politics/elections since I was 3. (According to said Mom's scrapbook for me, I would stop what I was doing as a 3-year-old whenever Nixon came on the television and sit and watch him. In 1974, when I was about to be 9, I wrote Nixon a letter after he resigned 2 days before my birthday. In 1976 in 6th grade, I wore a "President Ford" button to school. In 1980, I created a Reagan bulletin board for my Sophomore English class. In 1984, the first year I could vote, I was Vice-President of "Students With Hart" on the UT-Austin college campus and drove pollster Pat Caddell in the motorcade that accompanied Hart to the UT campus.)

Below is my Presidential Preference record. The cut-off point below indicates where I was finally able to legally vote after turning 18.

(age 3) 1968: Nixon
(age 7) 1972: Nixon
(age 11) 1976: Ford
(age 15) 1980: Reagan
1984: (Hart in primary) Mondale
1988: Dukakis
1992: Clinton
1996: Perot
2000: Gore
2004: Kerry
2008: (Hillary in primary) McCain
2012: Obama (if I can hobble on over the half-mile to the polling place!) :)

p.s.s. Just found out Monday that I don't have to go to my EXACT polling place to vote--I can go to ANY polling place in all of Austin. Some of which buses go DIRECTLY to! Yay!

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