Monday, November 26, 2012

Things That Turned a Shitty Holiday Weekend Into a Good One

1. Roses from a stranger.

2. A bunch of new Cat Power stuff to explore. (Not a huge fan of "Sun" after only 2 listens. But one thing I read in many reviews of her albums on Amazon: how person after person also initially felt unenthused, but then at one point or another, the lightbulb seemed to have come on...)

3. Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor Sunday night! And, no, not to laugh at! In EVERYTHING she's in, however silly--and this was pretty silly--there are always moments of soulfulness in her acting. I'm being perfectly serious.

As Bravo's Andy Cohen said on his live show "Watch What Happens" Sunday night when giving a "Jackhole" award to "Liz & Dick" haters: "Really? Come on. It's Lindsay...playing Liz...on Lifetime! What were you expecting: Lincoln?!"

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