Monday, December 24, 2012

11 days off

I haven't had this much time off since I was last unemployed back in January! I'm looking forward to it (and to sleeping whenever I feel like it), but still in the back of my mind is the niggling warning/reminder: Don't drink so much at night that you can't get out of bed the next day, thus wasting the whole damn day! Do at least SOMETHING productive every day. So far, so good:

Sat. Dec. 22 -- Did laundry, grocery shopping.
Sun. Dec. 23 -- Went for haircut.
Mon. Dec. 24 -- Did dishes, cleared out 3 of the 6 piles o' paper lying around my apartment (including New Yorkers from back in 2011 and receipts from 8 months ago), wrapped Christmas gifts, went to Christmas Eve dinner at bro's.

To do:

Tues. Dec. 25 -- Christmas brunch at Mom's. (Then probably, since nothing's open, just working on Joan website at night, which usually involves beers while I do it.)

The rest of the time through Jan. 1 involves getting a pedi, getting a new computer, going to the mall for a new leather jacket and Levi's and sweaters, maybe downtown one day for a movie/library visit. The only bummer's going to be New Year's Eve. I don't mind spending it alone, it's just that I get uptight when everyone around me's being loud, as last year, when the neighbors were shooting off fireworks right outside my window 'til 4 in the morning...

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