Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Get yer semi-automatic weapons at Walmart!

After the mall shooting in Portland yesterday, one frightened person there was quoted as saying: "This isn't supposed to happen!"

Oh, but it IS supposed to happen! Our country ENCOURAGES this kind of thing to happen by allowing sales of semi-automatic weapons at huge retail stores like Walmart!

Semi-automatic weapons have been involved in most of the recent mass murders:

The Portland shooter used an AR-15.
The Aurora, CO, shooter at the Batman showing used a Remington 870 and a Smith&Wesson MP 15.
And both the 2011 Gabby Gifford shooter in Tucson and the Virginia Tech shooter in 2007 used a Glock 19.

Walmart sells the AR-15. Buy 'em whenever!

And you can
buy Smith & Wesson MP 15's at Walmart, too! That's the kind of semi-automatic the "Batman" shooter used in Aurora, Colorado. The Aurora shooter also used a Remington 870... surprise! Also sold at Walmart!

And then there's the Glock 19, used by Jared Loughner in Tucson last year, and by the Virginia Tech shooter in 2007. While it doesn't appear that Walmart sells the Glock 19, you sure can buy ammo for it there!

On various online messages boards after each of the above mass murders, there were always those saying, "Guns don't kill people; people kill people."

My counter-argument is: If there's a nut out there who wants to kill a bunch of people, said nut isn't going to be able to murder multitudes with, say, just a knife in his hand. But, on the other hand, give said nut an easily available semi-automatic weapon, and he's going to be able to kill DOZENS of people, if the gun doesn't jam: at malls, at movie theaters, on college campuses, at political meet-ups, at fast-food joints, WHEREVER the nut feels like taking his gun.

Such mass killing IS supposed to happen according to our country's lackadaisical attitude toward the sales of semi-automatic weapons. There is no reason on earth for people to be able to get such murder-machines so easily. Not a hunting reason, not a self-protection reason. WHY are semi-automatic weapons available at places like Walmart?

When will our lawmakers decide to put a stop to this constant insanity, the month-after-month, year-after-year reports of lunatics with semi-automatics cutting loose in public places? And the aftermath of naifs saying, "This isn't supposed to happen!" or "How did this happen?" At this point, there's no more naivete. Come on. It's pretty clear how this keeps happening.

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