Monday, December 31, 2012

I was so much more passionate last year!

With the end of the year comes nostalgia, and comparison, so I just now checked back with what I was doing in late 2011:

#1: On December 30, 2011, I was getting mildly chided by a below-stairs neighbor with a British accent for playing my KT Tunstall CD too loudly! When's the last time I felt joy-filled enough to play my music loudly?! :)

#2: Something from October 17, 2011: "I have counted every day..."

Over a year later, I don't care nearly as much about Sandra's emotional withholding (first, you bemoan it; then you grow numb to it; then you get mightily bored with and overtly dismissive of the nonsensical repetition of it; at the very end, the tragic realization: "She both thinks I'm her drunken mother AND believes what her 60s-trained psychiatrist says..."). There's no countering that idiocy. Sometimes other people's stuff gets so stupid that your own innate intelligent self starts to slough it off and you become free of it.

I still love the song itself, though.

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