Monday, December 31, 2012

In search of leather (or something)

Well, only 2 more days of my 11-day vacation left... Some of the stuff that I wanted to get done I didn't: no pedi, no new computer (though I did go to Best Buy and browse and browse and browse for 2 hours, probably driving the poor, nice salesguy nuts; I'd planned on getting it right then, but just could not make up my mind. The salesguy was recommending "Asus" and "Acer," while I've had pretty good luck with my used Dell--that a Joan fan sent me--for the past 4 years...I finally just gave up and went home to look up ratings online, but even after doing so, STILL couldn't make up my mind. At least I got the process percolating. I'd hoped to symbolically start the New Year with a fresh new computer--the first I'd ever purchased myself--but will now aim for getting it by the end of January, still a Newish part of the Year).

One thing I DID get done this past week was a mall trip (1 hour each way by bus) that resulted in a new leather jacket and new boots to wear to work! This sounds extremely silly, but during the chilly weather over the past month, I've felt a bit self-conscious about not having the right coat. I have 3 good-to-great coats (bought while I lived in NYC) for 40-and-below weather. But all too heavy for 50-ish winter days here in Austin. (Winters of 2010 and 2011 once I'd moved back to Austin, I was freelancing most of the time at home and didn't have to make public appearances outdoors 5 days a week. This year, though, putting on my 7-year-old cheapo Wilson leather jacket--which never looked that good to begin with--almost every day was depressing.)

I hit every major department store, and 3 or 4 specialty stores like Guess--which just had FAKE leather for a ridiculously overpriced $200--looking for my new jacket. Was initially horrified to see that just about everybody was sold out of black leather coats after Christmas/post-Christmas sales! ("But, but..." I frantically asked one saleslady, "WHERE do people get leather coats after Christmas?!")

Thanks, finally, to Dillard's for having ONE coat left--and it fit nicely and looked just like what I wanted. AND it was on sale for 40% off! Also ended up getting some work (office)/weekend boots at Dillard's, also 40% off! I'd been depressed about the pair of very similar Nine West boots that I'd ordered online for $100 just a month or so ago...those turned out to be a very cheap grade of leather and bulky and pretty stupid looking--such a big waste of money (and I could no longer return the things since I'd worn them out twice), and I'd told myself just to suck it up, I was NOT buying any other such boots this winter... These Dillard's boots were a much finer grade of leather; they fit much better; they were, with the sale, just $60-something. "Splurge"! (In the picture I have up here, the crappy, bulky $100 online boots are in the back, the much better new boots in front. I guess I'll try to sell the crappy ones on eBay for $25 or something.)

Oh yeah: a day before the leather trip, also stopped by Old Navy for the hell of it. I'd been meaning to buy a good old-fashioned pair of dark blue, heavy, super-long Levi's at the mall the next day, but Old Navy had a brand with similar qualities (and long enough to cuff up) on sale for $20!!! $20 is insane! And the style runs super large--meaning that, according to them, I'm a size 8 (instead of a 12)! Smart marketing ploy, Old Navy! :)

Now, all of this clothing "information," trivial as it might sound, is actually quite important for my tender psyche in general, but also for one major reason: The Cat Power show coming up January 26! I'm sure everyone there is going to be dressed in whatever, probably mainly hippie-stuff, with some trendy people milling about. All I wanted was a pair of jeans, a pair of boots, and a leather jacket that I liked and felt comfortable in: Got 'em! :)

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