Sunday, December 09, 2012


Saturday was tedious. To begin with, my closest bus-stop to the grocery store was closed for road repairs, so I had to limp around trying to find the next-closest stop. (Yes, still limping after the initial early-November injury.) Stood at the new-found stop for over half-an-hour, not even sure if this bus was heading in the right direction. It was the right bus, thank goodness.

After grocery shopping, my 2 bags were too heavy, as usual. (I always tell myself to go for groceries ONCE a week so I won't be TORMENTED by the heavy bags; but, as usual, put off the shopping for 2 weeks. So my bags were too heavy.) And at the beginning of the 1/3-mile trudge just from the store to the bus-stop, one swinging grocery bag with cans in it hit me RIGHT on my hurt lower shin, sending spikes of pain...I yelled "OWWWW!" out loud, then kept on my trudge, grimacing noticeably. On the way, I spotted a mongoloid-ish man approaching me in a fluorescent yellow T-shirt. At that point I was fed up with my life, and pretended to ignore him. Instead of bothering me, though, he said to me with my grimacing, pained expression: "You're almost there! You're going to make it! God bless."

What a relief to hear "You're almost there! You're going to make it!" instead of "Hey, Baby!" :) I feel bad for having pre-judged the man as being a potential pest instead of a help-meet! He DID make me feel better and lighten up.

The second stop on my ongoing route home from the grocery store (normally, the half-mile home I could/would walk, but not with 2 heavy bags of groceries and a hurt leg): I had been sitting on the bus-stop bench for 10 or 15 minutes, and then... SPLAT! A big dump of bird poop on my thigh. Sigh. Looking up, plenty o' pigeons on the wires above, which I'd never thought to look up for before.

"GODDAMMIT birds, I HATE you!" I screamed out loud, regardless of the lounging hipsters at their trendy taco-place on this same corner who might be disturbed by my VERY UN-COOL outburst.

I wiped most of the poop off my jeans with my grocery receipt and then got up and stood a few feet away from the bench for the next half-hour that the bus took to get there. At least the poop wasn't on my head. At least it wasn't directly into my bag of groceries.

But, damn! Tedious!

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