Sunday, December 16, 2012

Update on Walmart's recent mass murders

Funny, on 12/12, I was complaining here about the Portland mall shooting, where "only" 1 person died as a result of readily available semi-automatic weapons that you can buy at Walmart.

Then came the Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school murders, just 2 days later! 26 people this time! And 20 of them were 5-year-olds!

With -- surprise! -- the same type of semi-automatic weapons used!

If you want to murder elementary-school kids, you can buy your Sig-Sauer or your Bushmaster AR-15 at Walmart.

Click the links above to read reviews by Walmart's satisfied customers.

A p.s. to moms who collect guns and encourage their disturbed sons to go shoot with them after The Divorce: Oh, the irony.

A p.s.s. to President Obama: Tonight you gave a bullshit speech about praying for the victims. The same kind of speech that you gave back in January 2011 after the Gabriel Gifford shooting spree (that also killed a 9-year-old) when you said exactly the same. Enough with the bullshit "prayers." DO something instead of PRAY, you fucking coward. You're the President of the United States.

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