Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Job WHOAs!

I've been at my current temp job for 4 months now. The job was finally posted officially a couple of weeks ago, and I applied, with interviews going on for the past 2 weeks. (Over 150 applied, 8 were interviewed, including me.)

I get along great with my boss and the other folks in my area.

But our department falls under another department, with a bigger boss (whom I'll call the "uber-boss" from now on). Of the work I've done for the past 4 months, maybe 5% has been for uber, the other 95% for my immediate boss and team.

During the current interviewing process, I knew that another secretary within our department was applying for my temp position, as well. "That's fair enough," I thought at the time I found out: "Go for it!" She had just started her other secretarial position several months ago; "no competition," I thought, since she was a newbie and I'd already been doing everything the job involved for the past 4 months.

Well, as it turns out today, she's probably going to get the job.

The main interview process involved an immediate under-associate of my boss (someone I'd been working with for the past 4 months) interviewing the 8 candidates. When I did my interview, he told me that "one or two" finalists would be chosen to then move on to interview with my boss.

Normal so far.

But there was also some subterranean stuff going on: Weeks ago, the main "Administrative Coordinator" sent an e-mail to both my boss and the uber-boss recommending the 60-something newbie that had been working with her. At the time, I thought, "Oh, OK, everyone recommends people. I've been doing the job for 4 months..."

Today, though, on the Outlook schedule, I saw that the newbie had a personal 1/2-hour interview with the uber-boss. I thought that extremely odd. For all 8 of us finalists, the next step was supposed to be for the top "one or two" to move on to an interview with my boss, not the uber-boss. Still, I wasn't EXACTLY sure what she was scheduled to see the uber-boss for...

Question answered minutes after the above interview ended. The uber-boss sent an e-mail to my boss (I'm responsible for reading/filing his e-mails) and to the man who'd been conducting the series of interviews: "... I strongly recommend [the woman he'd just interviewed] for the position. Let me know what you decide."

Now, I know my boss and the man doing the interviews both like me and think I've been doing a good job. But what are they supposed to do in the face of being handed a "strong recommendation" from THEIR boss? Put up a fight over a secretarial position?? Come on.

I'm basically toast, I suppose. Even I realize that there's no point in them putting up a fight with their superior over a damn secretary. They've got to live with the more-powerful guy.

I cried when I read that "strongly recommend" e-mail.(Not dramatically in public, but to a couple of people I knew at work.) And left work early and came home and cried some more.

But then wait just a second...

RE the Administrative Coordinator recommending that new person:

WHY was she so intent on recommending her? The employee was new, even newer than my 4 months on the job. "Well," I thought, "maybe the woman's had tons of University secretarial experience..." No, not at all.

Thanks to LinkedIn for the competition's recent employment duties: "Provide Durable Medical Equipment and orthotics for Medicare B patients in nursing facilities" and "Marketing and Promotions Manager" at a food services company.

And thanks to Facebook for something even more revealing: The Administrative Coordinator's daughter is a Friend of the applicant's who works at the Office of Job Corps.

Everything logically flowed from there: The Job Corps/Facebook Friend daughter strongly recommended the applicant to her Admin Coordinator mother. The Admin Coordinator mother strongly recommended the applicant to the uber-boss of my department. The uber-boss strongly recommended her to my boss (despite the fact that the uber-boss and I had rarely had any interactions).

There is no reason on earth why this woman should get this job other than the fact that the Admin Coordinator's Facebook Friend daughter recommended her.

Ya know, I've not gotten my share of jobs in the past. But this is pretty much crossing the border into ridiculousness. I've got other current monetary options if I don't get this job, but right now I feel like calling some people on their shit. This is not right.

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