Wednesday, January 02, 2013


olive- pineapple pizza
I can't decide if I just scarred a 7-year-old kid for life or not.

Cowboys/Redskins game last Sunday. Me, my brother, his two boys: ages 7 and 10. Pizza ordering time, 2 large pizzas: Me and the 10-year-old were OK with any kind of meat. The 7-year-old wanted, specifically, "olives and pineapple." I looked askance at my brother at that: "Seriously? If you get one of the pizzas with nothing but olives-and-pineapple, then ONLY YOU and [the little T] are going to be eating that one, and you guys can't have any of ours! Because me and [the bigger T] are NOT going to want to eat ANY of that pizza! Are you SURE??"

They were sure. Fine. We get home with the pizzas (one olives/pineapple, the other pepperoni/Canadian bacon--a NORMAL pizza!). All is well at the very beginning. And then the Pineapple Twins start straying... First, my brother wants one of the meat slices, so, OK, he takes a small one. I tell him, "That's IT! Don't eat our pizza! We can't eat your weird olive/pineapple one, so let us have this!" All is still relatively well for the next 20 minutes. Until our pepperoni/bacon starts to dwindle, while the olive/pineapple remains relatively intact... I'm still busy scarfing the tail end of the NORMAL pizza when the 7-year-old approaches with only 2 slices of the good stuff (and plenty of his own crappy stuff) left. He reaches for one of the meat slices, and I burst out with: "NOOOOOO! Eat your own! We don't have very much left, and we CAN'T eat YOURS because we don't LIKE IT!" Little nephew--usually quite verbal and aggressive--looks shocked and retreats.

Me immediately to brother: "Was that mean?"
Him to me: "Yeah!"

Me to self (while not relinquishing a single slice of the "good" pizza): God, did I just scar the kid for life? Or, teach him a needed lesson about the dangers of choosing really crappy toppings on the WHOLE pizza (not just a half) that no one else will want to trade you a little later just because you're sick of your own weird choice?

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