Thursday, January 31, 2013


From the 1/21/13 New Yorker article about David Walsh's art museum, MONA, in Tasmania. Author David Denby closes by talking of his sister, who had just been diagnosed with cancer:

She told me that she had gone to MONA after her diagnosis and sat in front of [Sidney] Nolan's "Snake." She had been there three times before, but she had never understood what it was about.

"And I was just sitting there," she said. "And I felt it moving. That huge snake was moving through that room and rolling through me. And I got it. I got the snake."

And now the filament was glowing. She leaned toward me.

"It's creation. That's what the snake is. Creation."


The Bus Long Snake

They found a fossil of a snake as long as a bus.
Don’t you wonder if Eve put her children on him,
to ride around on.
Or maybe she charmed him into her,
telling him it was just for fun,
just for the ride.
Just for the wisdom she gained of the knowledge
of how it could be used,
for the ride of good and evil,
like going to school,
having a teacher,
for the knowledge of good and evil,
for the knowledge that men are not Gods.
Since then she knew the power of love
to heal broken things
since then she knew the power of cutting off the devil’s head
since then she knew the strength of pain
when the bus long snake
came around to make love.


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