Monday, January 28, 2013

Year o' the Snake: 2013

I've been feeling relatively peaceful for the past month or so, wondering why! Maybe 'cause my Chinese Year of the Snake is beginning in February! I'd forgotten about that, so usually in tune with my Leo self...

1965: born
1977: moved to Azle, increase in father's violence, parents' divorce shortly after
1989: first lover (a sick one)
2001: first Internet use, first connection with other Joan fans, meeting "Julie" (another sick one) online
2013: ???

The 12-year cycles, in my case at least, really HAVE each been the start of a new phase. Not necessarily good phases, but... nonetheless clear-cut, distinct breaks between one way of life and another. Interesting to see what 2013 is the start of... What a shocker if it includes someone sending ME flowers or actually reading my work! :)


I think the strange, the crazed, the queer
will have their holiday this year,
I think for just a little while
there will be pity for the wild.

I think in places known as gay,
in secret clubs and private bars,
the damned will serenade the damned
with frantic drums and wild guitars.

I think for some uncertain reason,
mercy will be shown this season
to the lovely and misfit,
to the brilliant and deformed--

I think they will be housed and warmed
And fed and comforted awhile
before, with such a tender smile,
the earth destroys her crooked child.

--Tennessee Williams



Who are you?
A surface warm to my fingers,
a solid form, an occupant of space,
a makeshift kind of enjoyment,
a pitiless being who runs away like water,
something left unfinished, out of inferior matter,

Something God thought of.
Nothing, sometimes everything,
something I cannot believe in,
a foolish argument, you, yourself, not I,
an enemy of mine. My lover.

Who am I?
A wounded man, badly bandaged,
a monster among angels or angel among monsters,
a box of questions shaken up and scattered on the floor,

A foot on the stairs, a voice on a wire,
a busy collection of thumbs that imitate fingers,
an enemy of yours. Your lover.

--Tennessee Williams

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