Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Being Better": Alexander vs. Arias on Blogspot -- "Travis Alexander's Being Better Blog"

"Favorite" bits:

(1) The fact that his posted photo (shown here) is titled "Pres. Alexander."

(2) His blurb about himself on the front page includes that "I'm a [sic] owner of clothing company (CAFGSS) that promotes modesty amongst the ladies."

(3) On 2008 about to be the best year of his life (posted 4/16/08):
...I will be worthy of all the great blessings the Lord has to offer. I will have a 32 inch waste and be at my Pinnacle health. I will have earned the six figure ring, succeeded at real estate, and have multiple streams of income from my other entrepreneurial endeavors. I will be a published Author and effortlessly doing what I was meant to do to better my life and the lives of others. I will associate with more successfully minded people to be a teacher as well as a student. I will travel this great country and this great planet gaining rich experiences found by very few. I will find an eternal companion that enhances me exponentially and countless other goals that at one point I dare not even dream. Through all this will 2008 be the best year of my life, which will lay the foreground for 2009 to dwarf the accomplishments of 2008. This year will be the best year of my life and I will succeed!

(4) From "Creating an Amazing Day" (4/22/08):
...Let me give you an example of what a day would look like, here is my list today.
1) Prayer 2) read Scriptures 3) Read 10pgs of a good book 4) Listen to 30 Minutes of Personal Development 5) work out 6) Money making stuff 6A) East Vally Email 6B) Team email 6C) Plan conference call 6D) plan colorado Training 6E) Update Calendar 7) journal 8) Ensign Article 9) Affirmation 10) Visualization 11) Yoga 12) 30 minutes of Spanish 13) Walk 2 Miles 14) Pack For Colorado 15) Passport Stuff 16) Apply for Corporate credit 17)Clean House 18) Touch up paint 19) Finish Blog 20) Mail Package 21) Buy Camera

Now That is a full day, with getting things done in mind. It's a lot but because Ive been doing this everyday for a while slowly I have been able to get more accomplished, Granted it's not creating Oceans and Countless animals but based on the same principles that our Father in Heaven followed, I am able to create my own amazing days. May you live all the days of your life, we have a limited supply of them and the clock is ticking.

(5) From his last post (5/18/08), on "Why I want to marry a Gold Digger":
...Around then I realized it was time to adjust my priorities and date with marriage in mind. Not to ask some one on a date because I planned on marrying them, but to date someone to look for the possibility of marriage with them. This type of dating to me is like a very long job interview and can be exponentially more mentally taxing. Desperately trying to find out if my date has an axe murderer penned up inside of her and knowing she is wondering the same thing about me....

Some of these speak for themselves, but I just wanted to add some comments about others:

RE #3, his definition of what would constitute the "best year of his life" (as granted by God, of course): a 32-inch "waste," a 6-figure salary, real-estate success, "multiple streams of income," associating with more "successfully minded people"... Really? "God" equates your success as a person with newfound "multiple streams of income"? And "He" wants your achievements to be "effortless" on your part? (As if the Bible teaches that truly meaningful things come "effortlessly"!)

RE #4, a look into an alleged day in the life: This sounds so darned wholesome, but where's "Call an ex-girlfriend and tell her I want to jack off in her face and then tie her to a tree and stick my d*** up her a**." He forgot to mention THAT part of the day.

What gets me is that Alexander says over and over things like, "There are no coincidences" and "God will bring you what you deserve." Really now? I'm not the one saying that Alexander got what he deserved when he was murdered; HE said it himself. Both with his words and with his actions. He lived a life of COMPLETE hypocrisy--overtly claiming to be "just a swell guy who loves God" on the surface, while secretly acting like a complete pig. All the while having the nerve to tell others how to live in his "motivational" speeches! According to Alexander's OWN theories of God and God's payback, he did get exactly what he deserved.


And then there's Jodi Arias's blog (that home photo shown here): -- "Something to Think About"

From 4/27/08:
...There is certainly a substantial amount of unfavorable attention that has been had concerning the subject [of religion]: Jihads and holy wars, hypocrisy, superstition, fear, fanaticism, ignorance, blind acceptance, self-righteousness, rigidity, inquisitions, dogmatism, cruelty, prejudice, persecution, animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, book-burning, witch hunts, conformity, morbid guilt, insanity, even genocide just to list some that fall under the broad spectrum of atrocities committed and conditions endured for the sake of religion.

How is it, I wonder, that an atheist might have a more highly developed sense of Christian morality, for example, than say, a Catholic who routinely attends mass or a Protestant who is faithfully attends church? The problem is not religion, the problem is people. People tend to be dogmatic. An atheist can be just as dogmatic about unbelief as a believer can about belief. Therefore, it is not religion or beliefs that we need to shake off, it is dogmatism.


A reader called "Vicious" responds to her above post: "Ok Great idea, but i lost you somewhere along the way... what is your argument for... atheist or against them..."

She replies: "Neither. My point is that it is not religion that is the problem. The freedom to believe, behave, worship and pray (or not) however one desires is our basic human birthright. It is dogmatism that needs to be eradicated. Those arrogant, stubborn, intolerant assertions of one's opinions onto others. Believe and let believe, so to speak."


From 4/29/08: "One little moment of clarity is all you need to unlock the infinite potential that lies within, and in doing so, you can become a source of miracles....The following is borrowed from Marianne Williamson's book "A Return To Love"...It doesn't just bear repeating, but it is in harmony with the theme of this post, and couldn't be more well written:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. ....


The above quote about the importance to her of not "shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you" was the opposite of what she expressed on the stand about why she simply didn't stop seeing Alexander if she thought he was a pervert or felt abused by him: She didn't want to make him feel bad. Also in this vein is something from her Blogspot User Profile, in the section of music she likes, about rap: "I'm all for it in the absence of profanity and degradation of women (no, I'm not a feminist)."


Alexander posted on his blog from 4/14/08 through 5/18/08 (2 weeks before Arias murdered him on June 4 of that year). Arias posted on her blog from 4/27/08 through 5/10/08. Nearly the same time period. (As usual, Arias following Alexander's lead, creating her own blog after he created his. She also posted a few laudatory comments on his blog; didn't see anything from him on hers, unless he used an alias.) I think she might have been sending him little signals about her true feelings with the "not shrinking" because of other people's insecurities, and her dislike of degrading treatment.

It would be horribly glib to say, "Guess he should've listened, huh?" But I AM struck by the vastly differing natures of their brief, month-long public blog posts. They looked at the world completely differently. Alexander, worshipping a god that would give him lots of money and less fat. Arias, asking for something to allow her to not be degraded.

I have a weird theory that, on June 4, Arias finally decided to put her true beliefs into practice. To not "shrink" any more, to let her (albeit very dark) "light" shine in "one little moment of clarity" killing the hypocrite/her personal representative of the World's Hypocrisy. There's nothing more absolutely clear than that.


e.f. bartlam said...

This is genuinely fascinating stuff. Thanks for digging it up.

Alexander was a real piece of work wasn't he? He's pretty insistent about getting the blessings he deserves.

There's no excusing what she did but man, he was beggin' to have his car keyed, his tires slashed, his email accounts hacked...somethin'.

As I suspected you are much better at this than Nancy Grace...who, after watching her twice this week, I have decided is a ragging lunatic.

Beth Austin said...

Full disclosure here: One evening back in 1990, I threw a grill through my first lover's apartment window after I'd knocked on her door with no answer and then peered through the blinds and seen her kissing someone else (after we'd been in bed that very morning).

I behaved terribly and never want to be in that out-of-control mental place again (I, for the first and only time in my life, called a Suicide Hotline number that night). But yet to this day still think: Wasn't SHE behaving even MORE terribly? Who gets out of bed with her girlfriend in the morning and then makes out with someone else that very evening?

Sure, Arias should have stopped with slashing Alexander's tires. (After all, Real Housewife Brandy Ciprian--ex-wife of Eddie Ciprian, who left Brandy for LeeAnn Rimes--did the same to Eddie's tires. In that case, it was seen as good campy fun...)

RE "email accounts hacked": Both Alexander and Arias shared their passwords with each other.

RE Nancy Grace's (and Drew Pinsky's) views: I just can't stand "conventional wisdom." Both Grace and Pinsky keep reiterating on-air: "Arias LURED Alexander..." Really, are we back in biblical times when The Woman was The Lurer of The Man? When listening to the audiotape, it wasn't Arias leading Alexander into sex talk; it was the so-called "pure" Mormon guy directing the conversational traffic (based on sex-acts that he'd also instigated).

e.f. bartlam said...

I think you're allowed a 24 hour free pass (within limits that stop short of throat slashing) in a situation like that. That's a low blow to absorb.

No man needs to be Lured into dirty talk...there's a constant stream of it in our minds 24 hours a day :).


Beth Austin said...

I keep thinking of a story I read in lit classes, both in high school and college: "The Lady or the Tiger?" (Frank Stockton, 1882)

At the end of the story, in the Roman-Colisseum-like arena, the princess has the option of saving her lover's life (though he's already told her he loves another). He's facing two doors: One with a killer tiger behind it, the other with his innocent beloved. The princess, the spurned lover, knows exactly which lies behind each door and is about to signal him which to choose. Then the story ends.

How much does she truly love him... or hate him for spurning her? The story, and its unrevealed ending, has been interpreted as saying more about the READER than about the characters in the story.

I think the Jodi Arias case is similar: To me, it seems a clear-cut case of a "crime of passion" (2nd-degree murder, not a death-penalty case). To others, an example of "an evil woman luring a good man astray."

meh said...

Travis deserves death because he had consensual phone sex with Arias? umm you need to get a life or better yet get into therapy. The situation that you described over your lesbian lover is quite frightening.

No one says you have to like Travis Alexander but you absolutely have no right to judge or talk about his PERSONAL sex life. It's shameful that his personal conversations were broadcast in court by his sociopathic murderer and he was slandered like that publicly. I am disgusted that people like you can sit there behind your little computer and talk about people who were violently murdered like that. How dare you.

Beth Austin said...

"Meh" (an appropriate moniker for a rather dumb, conformist comment):
(1) I specifically said that Alexander did NOT deserve to die. Just that he was a huge phony and hypocrite. And that his religion teaches that "you get what's coming to you."
(2) My breaking my girlfriend's window frightened me, as well. As I said above, I called a Suicide Hotline for the one and only time in my life that evening. My guilt was horrendous.
(3) I have no right to judge his personal sex life? When his sex tape has been on HLN for 4 months straight? Are you kidding? Of COURSE I'm going to judge him.

Abby Hinsman capstone said...

Thank you SO much for this. Your observations of the patent disparity between Jodi's and Travis's respective belief-practice, and the mainstream media coverage's neglect of Travis's glaring hypocrisy and misogyny, and Arias's consistently introspective and gentle writing, has astounded me. Not to mention the fact that Travis was having Jodi copy edit his shoddy self-help version of the Fountainhead and refused to acknowledge her in the preface.

Beth Austin said...

Abby, sorry for the delay in posting your comment.

Connie said...

Thank you for this blog post. Finally the truth in this media obsessed fiasco of a trial. While he has been portrayed as a saint, she has been cast a sinner. Tragedy all the way around. My thoughts are with every daughter, sister or partner of these women/men who excuse his behavior as normal or as what any red blooded male would do.