Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ghost Busters

In general, I like watching "other-worldly" reality shows that attempt to explore "haunted" places or that feature mediums reading people or places.

But this "Ghost Adventures" show on the Travel Channel (a marathon I caught tonight while channel-surfing) is annoyingly stupid.

The premise of each episode is that the team of 30-ish very trendy butch guys (about the least spiritual, subtle people you can imagine) go around to various "haunted" places like Indian burial grounds or insane asylums and spend the night there, trying to delve into the place's secrets. There's an interesting bit of history about each place at the beginning of each show, but then comes the stupid part:

Once the guys (with their spiked haircuts/shaved heads/goatees and Ed Hardee shirts) are camped out in the place for the evening with cameras and mikes, here's how they "interact" with each other AND the spirits that they're trying to encounter (actual quotes from the shows I had on in the background tonight):

"That is weird, man. That is totally weird. That is so bullshit!"
TO SPIRIT (yelling): "If you're in this room, I want you to come to the light! OK? OK??!"
"Dude, I saw something. I swear to god. I swear to god. I swear to god. Dude, I swear!"
"Something weird appeared in my head, man."
TO SPIRIT: "If this is the portal of hell, why don't you come up here and git us?"
"I don't know if they [the spirits] understand English: Talk, TALK! SPEAK!"

It would TOTALLY make the show (and my day) if some otherworldly entity responded on the ghost-cam: "Dude! Chill out! What're yew yelling about, bro? I'll come to the light! I'll come to the light, bro, OK? It's all good! Awesome, man! This is amazing! Have a good one!"

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