Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The last photo of Travis Alexander alive. (God, the look in his eyes.) Taken by his lover/murderer Jody Arias. The next shots from the memory card of the digital camera are of him bloody and dead on the floor of the shower after being stabbed 29 times. (Arias had thrown the camera in the washer afterwards, which ruined the device itself; but the memory card was salvaged.)

Lesson: Don't decide to keep sleeping with someone that you and your frat-boy church friends have deemed "not marriage material" and a "skank." Don't tell her that there's to be no more "vaginal intercourse" or kissing--just anal sex and blow-jobs. Don't tell her AFTER fucking her that you're taking someone else to Cancun.

Girls don't like that, Playa.


e.f. bartlam said...

He said that s**t? What a piece of work.

I don't normally watch trials (I love trash tv but, I'm not normally around for testimony) but, a quirk in my schedule has put me in front of the tv for the last two Tuesday's while she was testifying. I'm hooked on it now.

Utterly bizarre.

Beth Austin said...

Yeah, I've been home freelancing for the past week, with Headline News (and trial coverage) on low in the background while I worked... I had vaguely heard of the murder, and, to hear the HLN anchors tell it, OF COURSE Arias is an evil, spurned, stalking lover out for revenge... But wait just a sec: Before the death pics on the memory card, there were pics of both Arias and Alexander in friendly sexual poses. And at the trial today, there was an audiotape of recent mutual phone sex. I.e., She wasn't stalking him. (Although both Nancy Grace and "Dr. Drew" of HLN said--with fake "shocked" expressions--that Arias continually "lured" Alexander with sex. Listening to the audiotape, it was Alexander doing the "luring" and Arias following along compliantly to please him.) The "no vaginal intercourse/kissing" (just the anal and oral) was from her testimony. And as soon as I heard that... Back in the late '80s, when I was going through my first-girlfriend problems, a straight female friend of mine and I would commiserate: Her semi-boyfriend was religious and had a church girl in his home-town that he was going to marry; with my friend, after a few months of "regular" sex, he then put EXACTLY the same strictures on her: anal and oral, but no vaginal or kissing. My friend felt utterly humiliated and disgusted with herself... but she loved him. She took it as some sort of "loyalty test" that she felt she must pass to again seem "worthy" in his eyes. (At the time, I thought MY girlfriend was a game-player, but this story of my friend's was a million times worse!)

e.f. bartlam said...

Putting the other innumerable issues with this approach aside...what sexual code allows anal sex (we have to assume that only the woman is allowed to play catcher here...I guess) but, doesn't allow kissing?

Mind boggling.

The bit with the spider man underwear and the toy train....was just a bit much. They blotted out certain words but went into great detail about this sex scene from the Overlook Hotel.


Beth Austin said...

RE "what sexual code allows...": Apparently, it's an "intimacy" sort of code (nothing less personally intimate than anal or oral sex) followed by both the extremely religious engaged in illicit sex AND prostitutes! Many prostitutes will do anything BUT kiss random johns. A way of maintaining "self" despite what else is going on.

BTW: Directly from the mouth of pseudo-psychiatrist Dr. Drew tonight on HLN: "She was sucking him into her web" and "Jody was the gasoline that lit Travis on fire" and "She fits the Glenn Close character from 'Fatal Attraction." Love that in-depth psychiatric insight from a so-called professional...

e.f. bartlam said...

Considering I just passed through Ferriday, Louisiana, I guess a shout out to brother Swaggart is in order.

I'm not a naive person. I spent my early 20s as a single idiot in Europe. I am a Christian and a happily married man of 15 years but, one of the reasons we're still happily married is that I'm not a priggish person.

This one is just beyond me. How stunted do you have to be to get any satisfaction out of a such a "relationship". I assume that the oral sex was a one way arrangement. What fun is that? You're busting your conscience for something that can't be much better than what could be accomplished alone.

I'm not saying its worth killing over but, like you suggest in the post, you are really running the risk of trouble to treat someone like that.

Beth Austin said...

Both Alexander and Arias were/are Mormons, and as a whole I do respect that faith more than many others because it seems they actually are a bit more clean-living than other fundamentalist sects... In this case, though, the judgmental-ness of Alexander's church "brothers" (and of Alexander's own mind) toward Arias really drove a wedge into his thought processes: They seemed to enjoy themselves together, yet because she was painted as a Jezebel "luring" him into premarital sex, he was torn between his natural urges and what was "officially right"...and so treated her like crap, one minute wanting her, the next pushing her away and calling her a "whore." I blame his church's brainwashing for that behavior.

Interesting today on TV that there were a few more talking heads actually sticking up for Arias, pointing out that she was definitely mentally controlled by him: changing her religion at his behest; moving to live in his city at his behest; doing any sexual thing that he came up with. This all contrary to earlier days, when SHE was portrayed solely as a psychotic "lurer."

But all that said, no, of course the guy didn't deserve to get murdered just for being a dick! But Arias also doesn't deserve the death penalty for killing him. I wonder if the prosecution has put any other options on the table; in the Casey Anthony case, for instance, the jurors had no choice but "1st degree murder" or "innocent." And it was obvious that she did not PLAN to kill her daughter, so they, by law, had to let her off... I think with Arias it was a "crime of passion"--what is that considered? Not 1st degree murder... (Personally, I think both Anthony and Arias should serve 15-20 years, no more.)

e.f. bartlam said...

Alright then...I think your judgement, in this matter, is more sound than Nancy Grace's so I will be relying on you to keep me posted....and to play more Cat Power videos.