Friday, March 29, 2013

Dammit, Irony! I was just here a mere TWO days ago, saying how I was basically condescending to stay another 3 weeks at a temp job that I dislike, even though they wanted me into May... (How "kind" of me! How "fair"!) :)

Well, get this: When I got to work this morning, my boss beckoned me to follow her to an office down the hall. "Very mysterious," I thought and told her. (She didn't want people to overhear us, she said.) Once we got settled in, she told me that an anonymous person in the office didn't think I knew how to answer the front-desk phone properly...and so today was my last day!

Now, the only time I've been on phone duty is during the receptionist's lunch hour. And I don't recall any problems, other than not having access to the electronic waiting list that would have allowed me to check in students. I was truly puzzled and asked my boss if I'd been unfriendly or lost any calls... No, it was more like I allowed a couple of calls to go to voice-mail when I was busy on another line, rather than answering each line and putting the person on hold. (!) Huh?! She went on to explain that it wasn't my fault, that she hadn't told my temp placement boss that someone with more phone experience was needed; I'd been doing fine with the "event planning" portion of the job, next time she'd just have to take a closer look at the temp candidates' resumes, etc.

At which point I brought up that she probably WOULD have hired me based solely on my resume, since I'd been mainly answering phones for the past 4 months AND that last year I'd worked in a busy advising office just like this one...and they LOVED me! :)

The obvious answer is that she was probably peeved that two days ago I gave HER notice when I said I'd be leaving on the 19th. And so she decided to show ME who's boss. But no, she wasn't really like that. She had been one of the nice, unphony office ladies. I think that I probably offended one of the phony ones by not chirping in conversation with her. This was a very "chirpy" atmosphere, where askance was looked if you didn't beam and babble all day about how delicious the cookies were or how it was Friday. (And an office with "Spring is in the Air!" spelled out on the walls with pastel construction-paper letters, accompanied by paper Easter eggs and shamrocks and rainbows. NOTE: The students served are ages 18-21, not 5.)

Now, I in no way ACTED superior to my surroundings. (It's a pet peeve of mine when over-educated hipsters who can't find a job and have to take something they feel is "beneath" them act surly and bored and eye-rolling.) I didn't at all act that way. I might've bitched HERE, but at the office I was polite and friendly and more-than-competent (well, to the best of my ability after only a week and a half). I just didn't BURBLE and CHIRP! :) I hate that I just got punished for not doing so!


Anyway...It is, of course, no Tragedy. Just a loss of a bit of stability, a schedule (without which I tend to stay up and up and up, drinking 'til 5 or 6am for want of anything better to do---which totally ruins the next day for anything productive, etc., an endless crappy cycle).

My freelance boss was happy to hear that I was no longer employed during the day and could devote a lot more time to her stuff for the next month. Stuff that pays $27 an hour instead of $15. Stuff that involves actual mental work and doesn't involve being judged on how you say "Have an AWESOME day!" So I'm not going to suffer or anything. But STILL. Rejection doesn't feel good. Even if it's rejection from an environment I didn't even like. (Reminds me of back in 2010, when I got canned after only ONE day from entering subscription information for a newspaper. It was a horrible, tedious job and I hated it, but THEY didn't know I hated it! They just hated ME!) :)

All this temping stuff is seeming WAY too much like dating! I'm tired of it! While I refuse to "settle" for anything, a stable home-base in life WOULD be nice for a change. Anything: a real job, a real person to interact with emotionally, a real home that's not a one-room apartment around people 20 years younger than me... SOMETHING... Something true.

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