Saturday, March 02, 2013

First Lover (Re-found on Facebook, 2013)

This was the first person I slept with, 23 years ago, in 1989.

Upon finding this photo on Facebook a couple of days ago (an account she only JUST opened last November):

What's with that awful Hitler-esque comb-over?
Smirk and eyes and dimpled Irish chin still sexy. (Still affected by those eyes; this photo makes me feel like she's still about to fuck me.)
And...She's now over 60 years old! (I can't get over the fact of my OWN aging: I once slept with someone who's now over 60! When I see this shot of her, I still think of me as 23 and of her as 36...)


e.f. bartlam said...

So that's "daddy"?

She looks like trouble Ms Austin...and she needs to do something with that durn hair.

Beth Austin said...

RE "daddy": Ewwwwww! Don't remind me! :)

She was certainly trouble! (And served 7 years for armed bank robbery back in the '70s; which was all fine and interesting to me 23 years ago. Today...not so much.)

Beth Austin said...

p.s. An addendum to my glibness above: She was also, aside from being my first lover, the only person I've ever lived with; the only to ever wash my car as a surprise; the only to make me sandwiches for lunch with "I love you" notes in them; the only to, after a movie, run to the parking lot to get the car and pull up in front of the theater so I wouldn't get wet... And it was also kind of cute/romantic, the few times we went to either a junk-yard (for car parts for her) or a porn-video store, how she insisted I wait in the car: "I don't want those guys looking at you."