Friday, March 08, 2013

Pomes and TP! (Necessities of Life)

I was doing something so very tedious today at work that I had to keep taking mini-breaks to stay awake...which involved popping thing after thing into my cart on Amazon--after making sure the same wasn't cheaper on eBay!

Today began as a poetry-on-CD day: Plath on the BBC, Ted Hughes on the BBC, Hughes reading from the whole of his work just a year or so before his death. The only other thing I was craving but couldn't bring myself to get was the Anne Sexton CD: The very lowest price I could find online was $42.99 for the one disc--USED!! (The Plath and Hughes were discounted at $10 or $15.) (Weeks ago, I'd already ordered the "Poetry Speaks" 3-disc set, and the Caedmon 3-disc set; still haven't listened to anything from either of them. But they're there when I want to!)

And while I was busy stocking up on poetry discs, I had a brainstorm about something else entirely: Since Amazon was so good about fulfilling my every desire right upon my having it... Could they... Was it possible that they... would send me TOILET PAPER??? Don't mock, you people with cars out there! :) As a bus-rider with 2 grocery tote-bags to carry home, anything more than a 6-pack of toilet paper takes up WAY too much space in a bag. AND... I also dislike the high price of my favorite brand, Cottonelle, at my closest grocery store: $5.99 for a 6-pack! And, sans car, I can't go hopping around town looking for sales and stocking up... Would Amazon possibly... Oh yes, they DID have TP for sale! :) $28 for 48 rolls, baby! And to be delivered straight to my door! Weeeeeeeee! (In both senses!)

(Though why I had to get 48 ROLLS I still haven't quite figured out. Where in the world am I going to put all of them in a one-room apartment?!)

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