Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally, I think, caught up!

Liking this temp job so much...usually extremely busy the first half of the day with fun, interesting media-related stuff and slow-pokey/relaxing in the afternoon--giving me time to MUSIC SHOP! The Manson album I ordered a couple of days ago started off another binge not seen since a year ago! At this point, I think I've FINALLY re-acquired most of the CDs I used to own over the years and sold off at one point or another (either because of abject poverty or moving)!

Here's what I ordered today (asterisks indicate I've NOT owned it previously but always wanted to):

Hank Williams 40 Greatest
Roy Orbison Greatest
Beatles Abbey Road
Lennon Some Time in New York City
*Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd The Wall
*Essential Leonard Cohen
*Essential Clash
*Van Halen I
Van Halen II
*AC/DC Back in Black
*Guns-n-Roses Appetite for Destruction
The Cure Singles
Violent Femmes Hits
*Housemartins London 0 Hull 4
Housemartins The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death
The The Mind Bomb
The The Infected
Crowded House
Indigo Girls Rites of Passage
Melissa Etheridge Yes I Am
Alan Jackson Hits
*Neutral Milk Hotel On Avery Island

Our bed is empty, the fire is out
And all the love we've got to give has all spurted out
There's no more blood and no more pain
In our kingdom of rain

You think you know about life
You think you know about love
But when you put your hands inside me
It doesn't even feel like I'm being touched...


Above is "Kingdom of Rain" from the 1989 "The The" album "Mind Bomb," with Sinead O'Connor guesting. And below is "Five Get Over Excited" from '87's "People Who Grinned..." by the Housemartins.

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