Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I can't quit!

After my online CD buying spree of a couple of days ago, I THOUGHT I was done... But no, there's more I just HAD to have! (In my defense, though, all of these are used, and most cost about $5 each, including s/h; none were more than $8...)

Asterisk indicates I'd NOT owned this before:

*Kinks Singles
*Hollies Best of
Byrds Greatest
*Pink Floyd Piper at the Gates of Dawn
*Moody Blues Days of Future Past
Creedence 20 Greatest
*Bob Seger Greatest
Queen Greatest
Ramones Greatest
Tom Petty Greatest
John Mellencamp 78-88
Siouxsie & the Banshees Singles
*Lady Gaga Fame Monster

Now, what's the point?! I don't feel comfortable playing everything I've been buying at the loudness they deserve because I don't want to bother neighbors (who have been very quiet for a long time now and I don't want to set anybody off with my own music). Maybe in anticipation of the iPod that I will be buying soon? And HOURS AND HOURS of FUN transferring all of this stuff to digital and then making the 2013 equivalent of MIX TAPES?! Yup, I think that's it! :)

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