Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LIE: The Love and Terror Cult

OK, since I'm 47 and not 17, I think it's safe for me to have ordered the CD of Manson's music! (i.e., I'm not going to become a cult member; plus, when I listened to two of Manson's songs -- "Arkansas" and "Look at Your Game, Girl" -- I liked them and didn't get bad vibes at all).

What I'm looking forward to hearing is something raw and honest. If I hear any more daily office-lady conversations in the bathroom (or in the office), or any more Rachel Zoe-intonations/platitudes on Bravo, or any more "You messed with the wrong city" platitudes (re Boston), I'll start shrieking with the nothingness/insanity of it all. Sad that I look forward to Manson's music giving me a sense of REAL?


The songs (all written by Manson) were recorded in '67 and overdubbed in '68. (i.e., Yeah, people, these were PRE-Tate murders. When Manson still had hopes for himself.)

"Look at Your Game, Girl" – 2:03
"Ego" – 2:27
"Mechanical Man" – 3:18
"People Say I'm No Good" – 3:20
"Home Is Where You're Happy" – 1:29
"Arkansas" – 3:03
"I'll Never Say Never to Always" – 0:41
"Garbage Dump" – 2:34
"Don't Do Anything Illegal" – 2:52
"Sick City" – 1:36
"Cease to Exist" – 2:12
"Big Iron Door" – 1:10
"I Once Knew a Man" – 2:33
"Eyes of a Dreamer" – 2:35

2006 ESP-Disk CD bonus tracks

Devil Man (3:15)
The More You Love (1:41)
Two Pairs Of Shoes (1:56)
Maiden With Green Eyes (Remember Me) (1:24)
Swamp Girl (1:58)
Bet You Think I Care (2:12)
Look At Your Game, Girl (Alternate Version) (1:45)
Interview (3:17)
Who To Blame (2:26)
True Love You Will Find (2:52)
My World (1:45)
Invisible Tears (1:33)

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