Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Mashed Potatoes

Up doing website stuff, with HLN coverage of the Jodi Arias trial in the background. I absolutely HATE the utter ignorance of both Nancy Grace and, even moreso, Drew Pinsky. Pinsky in particular because he's a psychiatrist. (Grace a former prosecutor.)

Pinsky, a psychiatrist, continues to call Arias every day on his show an "evil" person. And continually stresses how she "lured" men in with sex. First, I'm shocked by a psychiatrist, of all people, calling someone "evil." "Evil" is a superstitious, uneducated term usually shunned by those in the mental health field. (In addition to that, Jodi Arias had plenty of reason to kill Travis Alexander in a "crime of passion." Nothing "evil" or "mysterious" about that.)

As for Grace: She was going on tonight about how, if Jodi Arias was "abused," as she claimed, then why weren't the police ever called? Why was there no evidence of broken bones, et al.?

In response to that, let me just say as a 12-year-old witness to domestic violence: Aside from my father coming home drunk and demanding that my mother sleep with him and then shooting at her when she refused, one of the next-most traumatic things was seeing him, a few months earlier, coming home drunk and demanding that she make him dinner. When the dinner wasn't to his liking, he dumped a big ol' spoonful of mashed potatoes on the top of her head and made her sit there like that, until he passed out, with his face in his own pile of mashed potatoes. I watched all of this from the living room.

That kind of shit went on all the time. That kind of shit, you can't call the police about: What're ya gonna say? "I'm scared! There're mashed potatoes on my mother's head!?" Other things no one could call the police about: When my divorced father chose to drive 40 miles from Fort Worth to our rural driveway and then pass out there. When the police showed up after we called, all they had to say was: "His name's on the mailbox." Another time: Him showing up at the back door at 2am, me the only one up, watching my beloved late-night movies, having to go fetch my mother, long asleep, to deal with him. Again: No one calls the police about this sort of mental terror.

I hate Grace and Pinksy for their utter ignorance. (They're professionals, they should know better about human behavior, they should have seen and been aware of more.)

I hate my father for his sadism. I hate my mother for her masochism (which lasted long after their divorce and my father's deserved removal from the house). The neighbors were talking, the school-friends were talking... I had a bright-n-shiny exterior while all the time going home to hate and fear. All the while the two of them spewing stuff about how "superior" they were. (Perhaps in Azle, Texas, having Reader's Digest books in the home and a subscription to "Time" magazine and 5 classical records might constitute "superior." When I went off to college, I was to learn just how inept these people were, just how little they had prepared me for any sort of better world, just how little they ever envisioned me having one. In the truly middle-class world I was to enter, I NEVER heard of parents wanting LESS for their children, as both of my ignorant parents seemed to.)


e.f. bartlam said...

I've had to stop watching that commentary.

I can understand a prosecutor asking those questions. It's their job to build a case...put defendant on the spot, etc but, as an observer that's nonsense.

Half an Understanding of how abuse manifests and exerts itself should make question like why weren't the police called moot.

I don't know whether she was abused or not but those two are ninnies.

You had yer fair share it sounds like. That's rough.

Interesting about evil. I believe it exists (though there's no place for bringing it up in a situation such as this...certainly not in court of law). There's a full discussion on that topic for sure.

Thanks for the sane update.

e.f. bartlam said...

Are you watching HLN tonight?

Travis probably wouldn't have ever expressed his dark side if Jodi hadn't smelled it out and used her wiles to exploit it.

These people have no shame.

Beth Austin said...

I'm watching right this sec, but not so much over the past week or so. I hated listening to Juan Martinez berating LaViolette (aka "La Toilet," as the "wits" on Facebook are calling her). I hate that the HLN anchors are feeding the lowest-common-denominator people: One lady on Facebook actually said, "My husband used to hit me, and I never even fought back once"--and she was PROUD of that! Ugh.