Friday, April 19, 2013

My favorite questions...

Where I'm temping (only through next week, alas), aside from compiling press releases, etc., I'm also responsible for answering the Help line. Which initially panicked me: "I'm new! How am I supposed to answer people's questions?!" But, let me just say that often, very often, the questions have NOTHING to do with the media company I'm working for! It's just that SOMEHOW people get a hold of this particular Help number and figure that I can help with WHATEVER! My top two favorites so far:

(1) A teenaged girl called today and requested that the company Tweet and post on its website the fact that she has entered a radio contest to win a date with Justin Bieber. Whoever gets the most votes wins. So could we please Tweet and post her contact info so she'll win? (ME: "Um...I don't know if that's quite appropriate for us. Give me your contact info and I'll have my boss get back to you with the final word, but I don't THINK we'll be able to do that." Since the company is a SERIOUS media org, NO we're not going to Tweet/post about a Justin Bieber contest!)

(2) A man in his car somewhere in the Dallas area was panicky because his GPS wasn't working. How did he get to the Circuit of the Americas racetrack in Austin? So I got on Google Maps... He wanted to tell me exactly which city around Dallas he was starting from so I could give him EVERY Google direction from there, but I had to cut him off (politely): "Sir, I KNOW you'll be able to find I-35. So get on I-35 South and keep going for about 3-1/2 hours until you get near Austin..." (Again, the company I'm working for has NOTHING to do with the Circuit of the Americas!) :)

I'm going to miss this place! :)

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