Sunday, April 14, 2013

Taxes... DONE!

OK, Thursday and Friday I did a new temp job that was pretty intellectually hard to do. (At $14 an hour, nothing should be harder than stocking groceries, but this stuff was hard.) So when I got home from work on Friday eve, I let loose and drank mightily. KNOWING I still had my taxes to do over the weekend by their due date of Monday, April 15. (Seriously, I really did start thinking about my taxes back in mid-March and semi-vowed to get them done this year at least 2 weeks earlier than April 15, unlike my last couple of years of returns, posted on the very last date... Didn't happen.)

So after my drinking binge Friday night, I wake up on Saturday about noon. OK, get up and do the taxes, girl. Nope. Went back to sleep again around 2. Slept 'til 5. Kept lying in bed for the rest of what was Saturday, all sorts of negative thoughts running through my head: Give up, you're not going to get the taxes done. Nor your laundry, nor all the dishes, nor your grocery shopping. And, p.s., when you go back to your temp job on Monday, you're STILL not gonna know what the hell you're doing. LOSER!

Well, luckily by Sunday the hangover had worn off. Initially woke up at 7am. Still hated being awake. Dozed again until 11am. At which point a puppeteer pulled some strings: GET THE FUCK UP!

I did. Gathered all my tax forms (and calculator and pencils/pens). Sat the fuck down and did the motherfucker. Took... ONE MEASLY HOUR! (This past year, there was no freelance non-taxed work; only regular W-2 forms; just a 1040 -- easy! And I made double what I made in both 2010 and 2011.)

After this hanging over my head all week and then being taken care of, the rest of the day was easy: Laundry, dishes, groceries. All DONE off the adrenalin of the tax rush.

Still not so sure about how Monday is going to go at the temp job. Whatevah -- it's a fucking 2-week temp job that pays $14 an hour! :)

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