Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wevill gets his stuff back!

OK, now that I'm getting the hang of my current temp job, it's fun! I spend most of the day gathering media info and posting it to various mailing lists. One of the interesting things I found today was about my old poetry professor, David Wevill, getting his old manuscripts back.

When he left London and Assia in '68 and moved to Austin, he left all of his stuff with her; which then for some reason went to Ted Hughes upon her suicide in '69. (Not sure how Hughes got everything, since they weren't ever married, but anyway...) The Hughes Estate recently tried to put the David Wevill stuff up for sale with Bonhams, but when he complained, the auction house agreed to just give him everything back.

p.s. Boy, is that a great picture of Assia! I officially "hate" her (Team Plath), but...she's so pretty...

p.s.s. Here's an interesting 2010 interview with DW.

One quote (that says absolutely nothing emotionally; David Wevill's Achilles heel both as a man and as a writer): "As for Assia, no satisfactory account of her and those London years has been told, or I believe will ever be told, as no one is competent to do it, myself included. And there is too much contention, conflict of information, impression and emotion for a fair picture to emerge. I've tried, and failed. She remains as a shadow that moves through much of the poetry, inextricably part of the bloodstream." (Dispense with the bullshit, man, and just answer the fucking question: What was she like?)

p.s.s.s. I was hanging out on the street across from campus at lunch today (Wednesday) having a cig... I think Wevill walked by me. (He's a professor emeritus here.) He's nearly 80 now, and I knew him when he was 50-ish... this man was much smaller than I remembered. And he wore a beige baseball cap to match his neat beige clothing. But his face was basically the same, though a bit pinched... Wevill or not? If so...an interesting but absolutely meaningless bit of synchronicity...

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