Saturday, May 04, 2013

"Let Me Ask You to Your Face"

I got a new iPod today, but here's why I can't ever take it in public, say, on the bus: Because I'll be one of those dorks (usually 24 or younger) "boppin' along to the music."

I'm sorry: Some stuff is just TOO GOOD in your headphones to keep to yourself!

Tonight I only had time to download 6 of my CDs to my new iPod:

G-n-R "Appetite for Destruction"
Julie London "Rarities"
The Animals "Retrospective"
The Partridge Family "Come On Get Happy"
Pink Floyd "Piper at the Gates of Dawn"
Charles Manson "Lies: The Love & Terror Cult"

Now that I'm all caught up with the new technology, I'm dying for some newscaster to stop me while walking/riding around (per the "man-on-the-street" interviews they always seem to do on "Good Morning America" and CNN's Jeannie Moos and Fox and such):

"What song are you listening to?"

I pray that when I'm interviewed, of the 6 albums currently uploaded, I happen to have on Pink Floyd's "Pow R. Toc H." or "Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk." Or else any song by Charles Manson.

My worst fear: "Um...'I Think I Love You.' You know...The Partridge Family." [slinking away in shame as newscaster chortles snarkily: "Ha-ha! Middle-aged white woman listening to the Partridge Family. On an iPod!"]

In truth, though, the song that had me "boppin'" the most (while turned up almost as far as it could go -- god, I was starved for some LOUD music!) was THIS (and don't mock, people, until you've heard it on headphones --- just about outdoes Syd Barrett when it comes to both nightmarish angst and harpsichordy).

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