Thursday, May 02, 2013

In my meager Bag o' Ideas... has already recently been done elsewhere! In 2013, I'm just NOW discovering that a film of "the Blood Countess" Elizabeth Bathory's life was done (written/directed by and starring) by Julie Delpy way back in 2009! (I'm wondering how I was not at all aware of the film when it came out!)

The Countess: Reuters article and Wikipedia entry.

Oh well. (The idea of it was deeply depressing to me, and the older I got, the less appealing being enmeshed in such horribly dark material seemed. When you're younger you can immerse yourself in such and then easily shake it off; not so later. I definitely want to watch the Delpy film, though; very interested in seeing what she did with the material.)

So now, sans Bathory, I'm down to:

[screenplay] Empress Theodora's life

[screenplay] Frances Farmer's life post-lobotomy (working as a clerk, living in cheap rooming houses, marrying random guys...until her "resurrection" as a local TV host in Indianapolis and her real-life sexual relationship with a much-younger woman)

[screenplay] 1920s dancer's ascension to Hollywood via cheap clubs/hookerdom (not exactly Joan Crawford, but, yeah, based on Joan Crawford!)

[one-act play] The night of Martin Luther King's assassination, a young white racist man with a family to protect sits up all night by his door with a shotgun upon being warned of race riots in Southern cities.

[one-act play] A true story (via Marilyn's psychiatrist tapes): In the '50s, Joan Crawford and Marilyn Monroe (the former on the decline, the latter ascending) get drunk at a party and Monroe goes home with Crawford, where they have a one-night stand.

[three-act play or screenplay] "The Brothers" -- Two intellectual, constantly arguing (but close) brothers from a large lower-middle-class German family. By the mid-1930s, as Hitler is consolidating his power, one brother has, to the pride of his family, come to prominence as an outspoken opponent of Freud and as a leading psychiatrist and proponent of euthanasia and eugenics. The other brother remains a slacker, content to work a menial job and drink for hours after work, discussing his newfound Communist beliefs. The successful brother is initially pleased that Hitler has taken an interest in his theories, a pride that eventually turns to horror as they become part of Nazi law and, first, his brother is forced to flee to America and then his own Jewish wife is targeted. (True family story.)


MAY 2 Leo Horoscope: You may be experiencing a great deal of push and pull today, STEPHANIE. One minute you feel as if you should just sit back and wait for things to go your way, while the next you feel a prodding rod in your back telling you to get up and get moving. Remember that life is a delicate balance of incorporating these two modes of operation into your daily life. Neither way is more correct than the other, so recognize and honor both.

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