Monday, June 17, 2013

A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

p.s. Just Sunday set a personal record for not showering or brushing my teeth or leaving my apartment: 4 days in a row! Woooo! The one embarrassing thing was when a mailman knocked on the door on Saturday to deliver a UPS package too big for the mailbox (my super-exciting $28 dual-clothes hamper from online -- one side for hand-washing, one side for machine!): My hair looked greasy-crazy; my clothes had stains on them; I'm sure I smelled.

I thought the Summer o' 2011 was bad. What's going on now is really bad. (And so soon? I'd thought such bad patches were cyclical. 2011 was about as bad as I thought it could get. I didn't think I'd have to dig down again mentally so soon. I was running on the rims already: The only human "communication" from the television and online; the only physical contact from my hairdresser and the pedicure ladies every six weeks.)

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