Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Advice from JC

"I found that as I resented his attentions to other women, we quarreled about
other things -- never about the true source of my irritation. I couldn't say to
him, 'I'm jealous and I don't want you seeing other women, even though we don't
have an exclusive arrangement.' I couldn't lose my pride to that extent. It
would have been mortifying, humiliating. And it wouldn't have done me any good
because I think any attempt to cage him would have made him feel trapped, and he
would have flown away. He was all grown up and set in his ways.

So, instead, I began to speak sharply to him over something petty that didn't
matter and did not make for a good romantic relationship. Sharp words and
nagging are very bad for sex. I'd caused him to move further away in our
relationship. I don't wonder. I'm surprised he didn't run for cover sooner. I'm
surprised I didn't, but I knew that [     ] didn't grow on trees."

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