Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Universe

According to physicists, the universe is composed of:

4.9% ordinary matter (i.e., you and me and the earth, sun, galaxies, etc. Anything that's actually THERE in physical form.)
26.8% dark matter
68.3% dark energy

95.1% of what's out there is NOT physical...  Early people and then societies starting coming up with explanations for what they FELT but couldn't see. And so we got all sorts of deity-systems, up to the present-day "God" (systemized to the umpteenth degree). And we also got all sorts of individual sensing, ranging from seers and shamans, to Freud (whose teachings also quickly became a system), to schizophrenics who think helicopters and/or computers are following them and reading their thoughts.

I don't think the latter are crazy so much as simplistic/dumb, as evidenced by the fact that the technology supposedly "following them" corresponds exactly with the technology of the exact time they're living in -- you'd think if schizophrenics had inside access to the "mind" of the universe, helicopters wouldn't play such a prominent role! I, though, don't blame individual schizophrenics much: If the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Jews, et al, couldn't, as a whole, get their deity-concept to work logically, no one expects random individuals to do so. It's hard, yo.

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