Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tug of War (whole album)

Since I first bought "Tug of War" in 1982 (when I was a senior in high school), it has constantly been one of my favorite albums to listen to (wow...I've been listening to a particular album FOR 30 YEARS!). Kind of odd, since about half the songs are filler (but filler so well done that it doesn't at all detract from the other half of the REALLY GOOD songs; that's the thing about McCartney: he's not always stretching himself, but he's almost always good and listenable even when being lazy).

It's the first album that McCartney released after the 1980 death of John Lennon, and "Here Today" is specifically about John. (My favorite song sequence on the album is this 4-song run: Here Today, Ballroom Dancing, The Pound Is Sinking, Wanderlust.)

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