Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kind-Hearted Bloggess

The Bloggess is kind-hearted. I am not. I wish I were more-so, but I am not. I'm pretty cold-hearted and judgmental (which works OK in intellectual scenarios but, of course, not in personal ones).

On July 8, The Bloggess (Jenny Lawson) posted this question on her blog:

What do you wish for right this very moment?

I like her blog a lot, but I initially kind of rolled my eyes at this, cynically thinking that people were going to write in with stupid, phony things. There have been 1760 responses as of 9:47pm Central this Wednesday night, and I ended up crying at the heartbreaking honesty of many of the people's posts.

In honor of their honesty, I'll answer honestly here:

I wish that Sandra loved me.
I wish that Sandra didn't love Jim.
I wish that Sandra had a way to support herself.
I wish that I could reconcile my psyche to all of the above and GET ALONG with Sandra and HELP her instead of judging her.

(Oh...and I wish that I had my eyesight pre-2010 back, and that I had a regular job that paid at least $3000 a month.)

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