Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Life is no Nintendo game"

My younger nephew's 8th birthday Saturday. One thing that's always fun about hanging out with both of the nephews (the other is 11) is getting to learn about new music that I normally wouldn't have come across on my own. (It's also cute to see how intense they are about begging their parents to turn the car radio to their favorite stations. Their mom -- my sis-in-law -- is cool about it and goes along with their requests; apparently, though, their dad is a "radio Nazi" and not so amenable!) :)

Today on the way to/from the birthday restaurant: I was, luckily, in the non-Nazi car and got to listen to some of the mom's Shuffle songs that my nephews had helped her pick out. Two that got replayed at least 3 times each, and that I like a lot, were Rihanna/Eminem's 2010 song "Love the Way You Lie" and Drake's 2013 "Started from the Bottom":

I especially liked the Rihanna/Eminem song. And what was even better was hearing my older nephew's explanation of the song's theme for me: "He starts out trying to be nice and apologize, and then ends up getting mad and yelling at her again." (Oh honey... May you stay sweet and find a sweet girl and never know the emotions in this song except intellectually. I wouldn't wish that angst on anyone.)

He also pointed out the "You don't get another chance/Life is no Nintendo game" line. :)


Oh yeah... Also today via the nephews, I got caught up on today's wrestling world, which I hadn't paid attention to since 1980 or so, when my little brother was into it (and I was forced to abdicate the TV to him on Saturday nights for the local TV coverage on Channel 11 in Fort Worth). Back then, it was the von Erich family, Rick Flair, Rowdy Roddy Piper, et al. Today: CM Punk, Big Show, Jack Swagger (all seen weekly on Friday's "Smackdown!" on the SyFy channel)... My now-41-year-old brother and the boys just went to their first WWE wrestling event at Austin's Erwin Center Friday; today my brother proudly reported that he singlehandedly started an audience-wide chant of "OU sucks!" when Jack Swagger (apparently an out-and-proud OU alum) came into the ring! :)

Today the nephews excitedly showed me their 3 brand-new CM Punk, et al, dolls (aka "action figures"): No one could figure out from the doll what Punk had tattooed across his belly: Started with "S-T-R-A..." ("stratosphere"? "Stratocaster"? "strategerie"?) Internet search: "STRAIGHT EDGE."

And, while my nephew informed me that the "CM" in "CM Punk" stood for "Chicago Made," another Internet search tonight revealed that it might also be "Cookie Monster" (childhood nickname), "Chick Magnet," or "Charles Montgomery" (Mr. Burns' of "The Simpsons" first names).

I'm now pretty sure that I know ENTIRELY TOO MUCH about today's wrestlers.

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