Monday, July 22, 2013

One day at a friggin' time!

Good lord, but I've been paralyzed for the past 2 weeks after getting my new computer, for so many reasons.

Even at $1000, even after I'd specifically asked the guy at the store: It turned out not to have a disc player (I'd specifically been buying cheap CDs online in order to transfer them to my new iPod, which now came to a halt); and I'd already registered my iPod with the old computer -- wasn't sure how to get everything over to my new computer); I messed up my access to the Microsoft Office system that I'd paid for by not scratching the card correctly (thus completely obliterating the Key numbers I needed); I had high-paying freelance work offers (which I was desperate for after dropping almost the last of my money on the big-purchase computer item) -- but they required Acrobat Pro, and the folks that I bought the old Pro from just 5 months ago somehow couldn't find the Product Key for me to transfer the permission to the new computer. And, to top it all off, I couldn't seem to figure out how to use the new Windows 8 operating system (touching the screen like mad, but not even getting simple things like copying/pasting to work).

This past weekend things came to a horrible head: I NEEDED to spend time on my new computer, figuring out the Windows 8. I NEEDED to start on some of the freelance stuff, doing what could be done with only the free Reader and not the Pro. But did I? No. I just spent both Saturday and Sunday in bed, completely frozen with fear (depressed about my crappy personal life, but also fearful of all of the new technology-stuff I had to figure out: "I can't do this! I can't do ANYTHING!")...

Today, though, after I got home from my pleasant temp day job, slowly but surely things started to come together -- with a kindly nudge from my long-distance boss who was asking when I was going to start on the work for her. (She had always been super-nice to me ever since I worked in-house for her back up North.) Feeling horribly guilty for delaying her work so long, I made her the promise that I'd do 3 things for her tonight. Which I did. And which got me back on track overall:

I had bought online a cheap Asian plug-in disc player for $16.95 (yelling at myself the whole time for going the cheap route, but since I'd already spent $1000 on the computer, I wasn't about to spend another $100 on a player, when I'd thought the damn computer already had one within!). Testing it for the first time tonight, the cheapo player worked FINE! And a 40-minute CD downloaded in, get this: 6 minutes!! (As opposed to 40-50 minutes on my old, sluggish computer.) And once I plugged my iPod into the new computer tonight, it recognized my playlists, and the new CD I'd just downloaded, just FINE! :)

After taking my messed-up Microsoft Office card back into Best Buy last week, they replaced it without a problem and I finally tonight got it registered on my new computer!

I still haven't been able to access my old Acrobat Pro, but I still have the free trial for the next couple of weeks (thus enabling me to do work), and I found a reputable alternate PDF editor online for only $45 that I'll install once this immediate work is finished.

The trouble I was having with Windows 8 and all the screen-touching (not great when you're on a big screen and not a portable device) was solved by the online purchase of a used mouse for $5! Voila!

What a huge relief all the way around.

Still need to download a simple web editor so I can work on my Joan site from the new computer, but it's all quite doable until I get that figured out; I can actually use all of my old files that have been transferred to my new computer and make any edits on them. If I'm desperate for a brand-new clean page, I can just re-name a page and delete the old stuff, then download on FileZilla per usual.---[NOTE HOURS LATER: I just found my old web editor disc from back in 2003!!!!! With the serial number and product key!!!!! When I inserted the disc and entered the numbers, they all worked...JUST FINE!!!! I still had the disc after 10 years and a whopping 8 MOVES! Austin - NYC (Wash Heights 1, Wash Heights 2) - Jersey (roommate, then my own place) - San Antonio (mom's) - Austin (mom's, then my own apt). I literally KISSED this disc when I found it (well, after I realized it worked!) At this moment represented everything that was GOOD about this world!!]

And in the meantime, until 100% perfect: ALL of my old stuff -- 13 years' worth of stuff from my last 2 computers -- now takes up a miniscule 5 PERCENT of this new computer!! It works like a friggin' breeze! The very first time in 2 weeks I've felt happy about my insanely expensive new purchase, thinking it might actually HELP me in my life. :)


Below is my current Happy Song (downloaded a few minutes ago from my Asian knock-off player to my iPod in mere seconds -- and now I can play back/re-watch here the YouTube video version in mere seconds, as opposed to waiting and waiting and waiting for the old computer to strain and strain to upload...How damn satisfying!)

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