Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Quanell X Bores Houstonians with Pointless Protest"

Protesters in Houston were out over the weekend, annoying residents and forcing shops and restaurants to close.

Quanell X (Houston’s own Al Sharpton without the television show, presidential candidate status or following) “organized” the rally. Translation: he found sponsors to pay people to wander around Houston and carry misspelled signs for an hourly wage. Quanell X is perhaps best known for being kicked out of Islam and for his original poetic sentiments: "A cat can give birth to kittens in the oven. That don't make 'em biscuits."

Quanell decided to host his block party in the River Oaks Shopping Center and lead chanting hourly sign carriers down the mean streets of River Oaks – a residential neighborhood roughly equivalent to 90210 Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. His choice of location left many Houstonians scratching their heads. River Oaks is chock full of gluten free, Greek yogurt swilling liberal elites who really think racism is a “bad thing” while sending their kids to elite private schools to avoid Houston’s dirty little public school demographic secret. Quanell X just can’t seem to leave the class warfare alone - rich=bad=racist.

River Oaks residents were not amused. Other than blocking River Oaks residents’ ability to easily go to Starbucks (this shopping center is known for the fact that it has TWO Starbucks right across the street from each other), Quanell X’s protest had little impact because of the low turnout and the fact that a comparably -sized pro Zimmerman group decided to show up and play, too.


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