Monday, July 08, 2013

The $1000 Puppy

Not at all house-trained yet! AKA: New computer! :)

First one I've purchased brand new, on my own. My first was an HP desktop that I got for Christmas in 2000 from my mother. The second was a Dell laptop sent to me by a fellow Joan Crawford fan in 2009 -- he'd had it since 2006, had it cleaned out, then donated to me because I'd been bemoaning how decrepit my 2000 computer was and how I couldn't afford a new one. This guy saved my Internet life! His donated Dell has been with me through New York and my mom's houses in San Antonio and Austin (with Wi-Fi cadged through neighbors' walls), and then through these past 3 years in my own Austin apartment.

And now, in 2013, with money left over from last year's freelance bonanza: A new HP laptop! Brought on because my cache of money from last year was quickly running out and if I didn't buy a new computer RIGHT NOW, I soon wouldn't be able to at all and I'd be trapped. Also brought on because of my inability to do PDF editing on my old computer because it was so slow -- a freelance job offer for $2000 from last week that I was unable to work on because of my crappy technology. As soon as I failed with that, I immediately got off my ass and went to the closest Best Buy, with profuse apologies to the person who offered me the $2000 job! ("Give me a week, I'll be up to speed! I PROMISE!")

Should have converted to the new computer back in December, when I first realized how I needed it. It's such a CHORE, though... Programs like Adobe Acrobat and my web editor that I bought years earlier aren't so easily transferred. I've got to dig through boxes to come up with "Key" numbers. And if I can't find them, then I have to re-purchase.

Took my old laptop to Best Buy last Friday after the 4th-o-July; bought the new computer. They finished transferring all of my old files to the new computer yesterday, and I picked up today. (A whole 3 nights with no computer! I listened to a lot of music and watched a lot of TV and tried to read some history books about the Justinian era!)

What I'm posting now with: My OLD computer! :) The new one, with its Windows 8 (as opposed to XP) and lack of Adobe Acrobat Pro and my old trusty web editor, remains in the box. It'll take a few more days for me to acclimate/house-train both it and myself. In the meantime, funny how I immediately plugged into my old comfort zone the second I got home this evening.

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