Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Victim's Nails

16-year-old kidnap victim Hannah Anderson, rescued in Idaho several days ago, has apparently immediately rebounded from her ordeal of being abducted by 40-year-old "family friend" James DiMaggio, who was shot and killed by FBI agents earlier this week, after they were tipped off by Idaho locals who accidentally came upon Anderson and DiMaggio in their part of the woods.
Tuesday online, Hannah shared her "tribute nails" (according to Anderson, representing her slain mother and brother), along with a brand-new photo of her with her kitty.  

In the meantime (Wednesday), was an updated news story:

DiMaggio and 16-year-old Hannah Anderson exchanged about 13 calls before Hannah was picked up from cheerleading practice on Aug. 4. Both phones were turned off, and the home burned several hours later. 

I was irritated by Trayvon Martin's friend Rachel Jeantel posting online a photo of her "court nails" before testifying:

But that pales in comparison to Hannah Anderson's posting her designer nails just a few days after the horrific murder of her mother/brother and her supposedly traumatic kidnapping by a sexually obsessed "family friend."
Jeantel was merely irritating and thoughtless. Anderson -- given the "13 calls" she and DiMaggio exchanged before he picked her up from cheerleading practice and her immediate online glamour shots after the end of their "adventure" -- is starting to look more and more sociopathic.  

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