Saturday, August 31, 2013

from "Strangers in the Wind"

Strangers in the Wind
Another Rainy Day in New York City
Shoorah Shoorah for Hollywood

From the Bay City Rollers' last album with singer Les McKeown (1978), the last album I bought as a fan. I, about 10 years later, accidentally came across "Elevator" and liked it and now own it; but my BCR era lasted just as long as the Les-vocals did. (Though soulful, tormented Eric --writer or cowriter of all the songs below--was always my favorite, the group wasn't the same after McKeown's departure. I loved his voice then and just now realize how distinctive it was, how much he brought to every song, even if mediocre; there is no "Bay City Rollers" without him.)

...In her hand lies an opened book
She gives a sign then she turns the page
And in her smile she knows how it all will end
But in my eyes she sees
We're strangers in the wind

Like early morning strangers we had nothing left to say but
"See you 'round"...

It's another rainy day in New York City
At night those city lights they sure look pretty
I held my candle to the wind and watched my dreams just sail away...

Rudy stole the heart of the world
Dream lover of the silver screen
Your mama used to call out his name
But in the crowd was never seen
Powder puffs and gigolos
Dancing girls in soft repose
Natasha, what did you see
Behind the scenes of Valvoline...

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