Sunday, August 18, 2013

El Tigre

Lying lazy on my bed this Sunday afternoon, a skittering at the tree right outside my second-story window. Usually there are squirrels out there, or, one time, a rat! This time when I peered out, it was a super-skinny tiger-striped kitty with big balls and a small head, only about 6 months old, having just jumped off the roof to the tree. He was on his way down the tree when I used my never-fail call for both squirrels and kitties: Pssss--pssss--pssss--pssss. (Squirrels and cats are from two completely different families, but they are so similar! (1) They both have a sense of humor; and (2) They both, when it's hot, like to lie on their bellies with their legs splayed out.)

El Tigre stopped in his tracks to see where the "Pssss" was coming from. When he saw my face peering out at him from the window, he turned around and had a seat himself to look back at me and see what else I would say, which was:  "Hi Scraggly. You're so skinny. Are you from the dumpster at the beer store? You're just a baby cat."

After about 2 minutes of this small-talk, he decided to make his way on down the tree. Later in the afternoon, I fell back asleep again and dreamed about feeding him.

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