Monday, August 12, 2013

Three views of Lindsay Lohan in "The Canyons"

Me, without having yet seen "The Canyons":

2006-2007 for Lohan should have been about her "crossover into legit adulthood" films: "Prairie Home Companion" (co-starring Meryl Streep) and "Georgia Rule" (co-starring Jane Fonda) with, OK, the harmlessly cute "Just My Luck" thrown in as a sop to her teen fans.

Instead, this young, vulnerable woman got tagged by Professional Decadents as a... Professional Decadent. Because she had such a superbly beautiful, haunted, adult face, and because she was dating a woman, and because she obviously had drug and emotional problems that could be exploited. And so came the stupidly low "I Know Who Killed Me," and the stupid Marilyn photo sessions, and the stupid Liz movie.

Can't judge "Canyons" without having seen it, but it, too, seems, on the surface, exploitative and sadistic -- as in, "Let's see what shitty things we can make this once-beautiful, once-special girl do on camera now that she's involuntarily abdicated from the Land o' Streep and Fonda."

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