Monday, September 30, 2013

A Good Day

Saturday was a total depressing bust (nothing but in bed all day, listlessly channel-surfing, wondering why S. hadn't e-mailed me back, worrying about the laundry/dishes/shopping/work I needed to do). But SUNDAY I impressed myself with all the necessities done, plus I liked the day for the small pleasures...

Up at 9:15am. Laundry. (Ye who have washers/dryers within your own dwellings -- this isn't a big deal. For those of us, though, who share communal machines -- in my particular case, only 2 washers and 2 dryers for 50+ people -- it's always a big gamble. Nothing more annoying than packing up all your usually-heavy stuff to go to the laundry-room only to find the machines full; or, worse yet, to find cycles finished and people's stuff just SITTING there. At what point is it kosher to touch their stuff and dump it on the counter??) In my case this morning -- all empty! :)

In between laundry cycles, plucked scraggly eyebrows and got showered and blow-dried (so I wouldn't have to go switch the laundry with wet hair).

Both me and laundry finished by 11:30am. Out the door on the way to the bus-stop for grocery shopping (and to buy new monthly bus pass) by 11:45.

Once out of the grocery store, bus home came within 5 minutes! (For some reason, 90% of the time, I usually end up waiting 20-or-more minutes for the home bus. Not this time! And it was cool today! So nothing melted!)

Once home by 12:45pm, I turned on football for the background and started on dishes that had piled up for 2 weeks, started hand-washing the hand-washables that had piled up for 2 weeks, and started on a freelance assignment (no deadline) that'd been sitting around for 2 weeks.

By 5:45pm: dishes, hand-washing, assignment done. Once assignment e-mailed to boss, walked to nearby Tex-Mex place for my favorite cheap/good puffy-taco plate. At home: Ate, relaxed, bemoaned Cowboys' loss.

7:00pm: Big "Real Housewives of New Jersey" finale (+ post-show Theresa/Joe interview) on in the background while I worked on Joan site and Facebook updates.

10pm: Done with necessities, just goofin' around here.

Thanks, Universe! :)

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