Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mad World (Tears for Fears, 1983)

What I liked about my mother was her acting out characters from my favorite cartoons and shows with me (how patient she must have been for my eternal need for "Wacky Races" reenactions, with me as Penelope Pitstop). I liked how clean and utterly un-chaotic our house always was (despite various houses and chaos between her/my father). I liked how she always made birthdays and Christmases special and nice -- always the wonderful lead-up, the decorations, then the pageantry of the actual day.

What I liked about my father... When I was a little kid, maybe 4, he'd come home from work and take his Air Force uniform and T-shirt off; my mom said I'd always go straight for the T-shirt and want to take it to bed with me; I liked how it smelled. She also told me that when I was little, I always called out for one parent after I'd gone to bed: If I had NOT wet the bed, I'd call for my mother; if I HAD wet the bed, I'd call for my daddy, because he was the one who wouldn't get mad... I also like the few times he took me swimming and bowling. And, later, near the end of the marriage, staying up and peacefully watching movies with him.

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