Thursday, October 17, 2013


What's going to get me out of my one-room apartment quicker than anything...
I just bought this shower curtain on eBay for an exorbitant price. So exorbitant was the price but so excited was I by the image that I had to call two conservative office-ladies over to my computer to come look at it and give me buying advice. They both know I'm really into Joan, but I expected both of them, when they saw how much it was and knowing that I was a temp with no money, to say, "No, that's not really worth it." Their reactions instead: "That's REALLY beautiful!" "That's YOU."  "If I were younger and single and saw a Scarlett O'Hara shower curtain for that price, I'd buy it." They tipped me over the edge! :)
(p.s. It's Joan Crawford as painted by "sad-eyed-waif" artist Margaret Keane; JC had this same painting on the wall behind her couch in NYC. This works for me on many a level!) :)
And it's waaaay too good for a bathroom in a one-room apartment.
(Someone also pointed out to me that I could hang it on my wall... That's a GREAT idea!)

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