Friday, October 11, 2013

Paul in Times Square Wednesday!

(John Lennon's birthday, BTW.)
I could've been there, man! :)  (Used to work in the Morgan Stanley building, right next to the flashing Hershey store -- could've popped right down for my lunch break!)
I found these pix on the UK Daily Mail site -- where commenters were giving Paul (in the photo below WALKING back to his nearby hotel with wife Nancy Shevell) shit for DYING HIS HAIR BROWN! ("You're 71, Paul, be real," etc.)  
Paul has a new album out October 15 called "New." And a single with the same name was released a couple of weeks ago. The single was really bad. That said, though: I do have a huge problem with people mocking him for dying his hair! It's not like he's your grand-dad who just retired from the local shop and is now supposed to (in your mind) spend all of his free time babysitting your kids. When Paul McCartney was 25, he looked nothing like, and was doing nothing like, your now-grand-dad. When he was 45, he looked nothing like and was doing nothing like your grand-dad.
Same with Paul at 71: If the fucking LEGENDARY ROCK STAR wants to dye his hair brown and then strut across Fifth Avenue after an impromptu concert... Don't hold him to your grand-dad's hair (or any other aesthetic or behavioral) standards, is all I ask.
I've been listening to Paul's 1978 "London Town" album for a month now. Tonight, here's "Don't Let It Bring You Down":


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