Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Happy Birthday, Scorps

Watching Vivien Leigh yesterday on TCM during their 24-hour birthday tribute to her reminded me that Leigh was my first movie-star love (when I was 12 and GWTW was shown on TV for the first time) and that, subsequently, most of the women I find sexiest have been Scorpios:

Vivien Leigh = November 5
Ongoing "obsession" = November 6
My first girlfriend = November 8
Anne Sexton and Hedy Lamarr = November 9
Grace Kelly = November 12

And, while I don't particularly find Hillary Clinton (Oct. 26) or Sylvia Plath (Oct. 27) "sexy," I do find them very interesting and intense. Plath, especially -- she was a major artistic influence (as was Sexton); I kept her Collected Poems by my bed for nearly 10 years after first discovering her work when I was 17.

I also find Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly attractive and TV-intense (November 18). And let's put the male Charles Manson (November 12) in the "interesting/intense" category for me, as well--though for quite different reasons than Hillary or Plath! No, I have no sexual interest in Manson (!) and I find his murderous impulses horrifying and psychotic, BUT... his thinking/philosophy is nonetheless psychologically interesting. [NOTE HERE: I've had a few readers of this blog over the years severely misinterpret some things they've read here: One famous instance is a blog post years ago where I wrote about yelling at my mother (which I'd never done before), then being horrified at myself afterwards -- the whole post was about my sadness at being unable to get along with my mother. One simple reader interpreted the post as me being an "elder abuser" (!). So here's a caveat for The Simple who might be reading now: "I don't condone the behavior of Charles Manson. I am merely intellectually interested in the man's psychology." 'kay?]

Speaking of "November 6" birthdays: I woke up today very aware of the birthday of someone I care about but simply cannot get along with. Felt mildly bummed that since we were not, as usual, speaking, I couldn't say "Happy Birthday" to her. (The "as usual" part has after 5 years turned the one-time "depression" over ongoing communication barriers into a more resigned sort of, "What else is new?")  So while birthday awareness was atmospherically hovering this morning at my new temp job, my new boss walks in and pauses at the door to his office then turns around and bursts into a loud, zesty round of "Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to ME!..." :)  He's a very high-powered, nattily besuited executive, and also a small, usually quiet intellectual man (PhD in music -- the classical kind) -- but here was the overt Scorp side of him saying to the world (or at least to we giggling pool of secretaries): "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, y'all!!" :) It was cute. It made me feel happy about today's birthday -- maybe somewhere today the one that I love but can't get along with was belting out her own ode to herself! :)

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