Thursday, November 21, 2013

I officially became an Adult today.

For the first time EVER, I had an item of clothing dry-cleaned!

Austin, where I've lived and worked the majority of my adult life, is a pretty jeans-y kind of town, even in many workplaces. When I was in New York for 3 years, I did buy one complete business suit and a business blazer, but ended up wearing each maybe 3 times at the most... (the publishing places and midnight-shift law firms where I worked most while there turned out to be pretty casual, as well).

But now I'm (temporarily) in a place that REALLY wants me to look a little better than I'm used to looking at work! :)  For instance, when I started a few weeks ago, the weather was in the 80s and so I wore a what-I-thought-was-nice linen shirt to work. Well, by noon, the linen had wrinkled horribly (as linen is wont to do) and... my new boss actually called me into her office to have a chat about the dress code there! I was mortified! And subsequently made a vow: "As god is my witness, I'll never look sloppy again!"

Luckily for me, the weather's since turned cooler and I can now rotate out my THREE Official Office Blazers during the week without sweating like a pig before I've ever arrived at the office. (Remember -- I take the bus and have to walk outdoors for at least a mile every day; no luxury of a nice, air-conditioned car to step into and out of!) And there's a one-day-a-week reprieve of a "Jeans Friday," thank god.

So, I've finally had to wear "business attire" enough times (after 2 weeks) to warrant a dry-cleaning. I'm a big girl now! ;p

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