Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Illusion never changed...

...into something real...


I first loved this song in '97 when it came out. Didn't really think of it again 'til I heard it blaring from a storefront in 2009 while I was walking aimlessly on Union City's Bergenline, feeling utterly cold and lonely... It's technically a sad song, but it made me feel so good when I heard it then.

After Bergenline, I forgot about it again...until I just heard it playing in a hamburger joint in Austin last week; again, despite the loss in the lyrics, such a simultaneous surge of exhilaration and hopefulness I felt! For no reason at all! :)

(Listening to it again and again tonight... it's probably more of a Sandra-to-Jim song, lyrics-wise. It still means something to me alone, though.)

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