Sunday, November 03, 2013


My neighbors' loud outdoor-party-with-band has been going on for 6 hours now. I called the police at 10:22pm, 10:55, 11:30, 11:47, 12:21 and 1:02. (The official Austin noise ordinance starts at 10pm.) During one of the phone calls when I was complaining, the young phone operator, supposed to be neutral, couldn't help herself when she heard the noise in the background of our phone-call: "Oh, that really IS loud!"

This kind of crap is exactly why some people go vigilante: You try to be a good citizen and go to an authority figure first to get the situation under control. (My "situation": I'd like to be able to hear my own TV or music. Not the music of someone 3 houses down for 6 hours straight. I've been listening to their shit since 7pm, didn't complain 'til after 10.) Sans help from an outside authority, what is someone to do? I myself am not going to go out there and say/do anything because I'm too wimpy to go fight with a crowd of 100. But would I begrudge any rougher personage than me who took it upon himself to go out and punch someone and/or shoot out a guitar amp? I would not. In fact, I'd laud the person. America's only a "Wild, Wild West" when there's no neutral authority figure to maintain control.

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