Sunday, November 03, 2013


My last temp job ended Thursday the 31st. Having 3 months of living-money saved up, I was hoping for a long respite, like until December or so, or even after the New Year. I had liked the income, but I did not like the utter inanity/mundanity. As fate has it, I was assigned to a new temp gig immediately, starting Monday. Again, thanks for the basic sustenance, but no thanks for what I suspect will be the same inanity -- i.e., no future at all, just the same constant keeping-head-above-water round-a-bout.

Also: Just read in the 10/28 issue of the New Yorker an essay by David Sedaris mentioning how his sister Tiffany had just killed herself this past May. The essay was primarily about David Sedaris's cute ideas for names for vacation homes. Oh, and how Tiffany's whole life fit into two boxes. (Me, glad to note that all of my stuff would fit into at least 50 boxes. Ha, motherfuckers!)

Here's a much more loving "In Memoriam" for Tiffany Sedaris from her hometown paper:

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